• DMR_StandardPliers_300x300

    Inch & Metric Standard Pliers 
    Internal : HO, HOI, BHO, VHO, DHO, DHT
    External : SH, SHR, BSH, SHI, SHF, VSH, DSH, DST

    Standard Retaining Ring Pliers are made of high carbon, heat treated steel and produced to exacting QC specifications. They feature stop screw and return springs for problem-free installation/removal of retaining rings. This eliminates overspreading of external retaining rings, and speeds the assembly/removal of internal retaining rings by orienting plier to exact location of lug holes. And retaining ring pliers have exclusive air-cushioned handles.

  • DMR_ConvertiblePliers_300x300

    Convert quickly and easily from internal to external pliers and back again.This two-in-one capability is cost effective and ideal for handling a variety of applications with a minimum number of tools. Simply move the screw to the other hole and tighten with finger pressure to convert quickly to an internal/external plier.

  • DMR_RatchetPliers_300x300

    Inch, Internal & External Ratchet Pliers & Tips

    Internal : HO, HOI, BHO, VHO
    External : SH,SHR,SHI,BSH,VSH  

    Assemble large retaining rings up to 10” in diameter with ease and comfort using Ratchet Pliers.

    Spring loaded mechanisms compress or expand large rings through gradual “steps.” Plier locks at the desired size without continued pressure on the handles.

    (Note: Ratchet Pliers do not include plier tips, which must be purchased separately.)


  • DMR_HeavyDutyPliers_300x300

    Heavy-Duty Retaining Ring Pliers
    Are designed to perform with excessive use – up to 10 times longer than standard retaining ring pliers. The pliers are made of forged Chrome Vanadium steel, and the handles have a non-slip plastic coating.

    Inch & Metric , Internal & External Heavy-Duty Pliers
    Internal : HO, HOI, DHO, DHT, MHO
    External SH. SHR, SHI, SHR,  DSH, DST, MSH  

    Grip Ring Retaining Ring Pliers
    Grip Ring Pliers are designed for SHF & DSF external (shaft) friction rings. The pliers are made of forged Chrome Vanadium steel with nonslip solid tips, and the handles have a non-slip plastic coating. Features a stop spring to prevent overspreading of the retaining ring.
    Inch & Metric Series 
    External:  SHF


  • DMR_Applicators_300x300

    Applicators are designed to install standard radial retaining rings on a shaft. Used with Dispensers, applicators enable operators to install rings quickly and correctly (ring “snaps” when properly seated in groove.)
    Ring Styles: C,E,BE,RE,PO/POL,DE,DC,ME and JE Retainging Rings.

  • DMR_Dispenser_300x300

    Retaining ring dispensers feature “rail” over which a stack of retaining rings can be slipped. Once in position, they can be “dispensed” one at a time using a retaining ring applicator for ease of installation.
    For Ring Series C,E/SE/YE, PO/POL,JE,DC,ME,RE,DE

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