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Shaft Seals

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Oil Seals

A complete selection of Inch & Metric sizes of DMR Rotary shaft seals. Available in a range of compounds and a wide selection of oil seal lip styles.

DMR Bearing Isolators

Bearing isolators (Protech seals) are designed to protect bearings with zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants.

JM Clipper Seals

A complete selection if JM Clipper shaft seals in inch and metric shaft sizes. JM Clipper seal sizes ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches OD.

JM Clipper and Daemar® Inc. offer one of the largest selections of flexible Oil Seals available.

Made from a Kevlar reinforced heel, this seal can be used as a solid or a split seal. With inch and metric shaft sizes we can provide from stock a seal for almost any size ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches OD. Nitrile, Viton materials are available and many lip designs for your specific sealing environments.

End Caps

Wheel Hub Seals

Wheel Hub Seals

DMR™ Wheel Hub Seals protect bearings and shafts during operation, installation and removal by providing a built-in wear sleeve and rubber coated metal casings.

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V-Rings are all-rubber seals that seat directly on the shaft and seal axially against a counterface, housing, seal case or similar surface.
Teflon Energized Seals

Teflon Energized Seals

Used in applications where ultra-low friction, chemical compatibility, long life and extreme temperature performance is required.
High Pressure Seals

High Pressure Seals

Excellent for extreme temperatures, high pressures high speeds and corrosive liquids & gases. Our equivalent to Garlock P.S. and Elring styles.
L2M Seals

L2M Seals

L2M is a rolling mill bearing seal. Every design feature was based on the extra demands of rolling mill service - including the demand for lower cost. Even though the term “rolling mill” is usually associated with the aluminum and steel industry, with this seal, we include the paper industry.

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