The HCR series caps are temperature-resistant up to and beyond 500F. These sleeves were developed to mask and protect copper tubing during high-temperature masking processes. These caps were designed with exterior ribs to aid in removal and installation. A slightly flared open-end allows them to be easily pushed onto the application. Material: Flex500 Color: Yellow
Unit of Measure
HCR Series Image

HCR Series

HCR Series Image

HCR Series
A N/A 0.404 in10.26 mm
B N/A 0.52 in13.21 mm
C N/A .500 in12.7 mm N/A 0.86 in21.84 mm
D N/A 0.55 in13.97 mm
Packaging - Carton N/A 5000
Packaging - Mini Pak N/A 1000

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