Functions like an HO ring in a housing/bore. only the lugs are "reversed." This version reduces the distance the lugs of the standard HO extend into the inner circumference of the housing/bore and allows for another assembly to pass through unimpeded.

Size Range: .625 in - 2.5 in
Unit of Measure

Housing Diameter - Dh

N/A 1.188 in30.20 mm

Housing Diameter - Dh 

N/A 1 3/16 in

Groove Diameter - Dg

N/A 1.262 in

Groove Diameter - Tolerance

N/A ±.004 in

F.I.M. - Full Indicator Movement

N/A 0.005 in

Groove Width - W

N/A 0.056 in

Groove Width - Tolerance

N/A +.004 to -.000 in

Groove Depth - d

N/A .037 in

Ring Free Diameter - Df

N/A 1.283 in

Ring Free Diameter - Tolerance

N/A +.015 to -.010 in

Ring Thickness - T

N/A 0.050 in

Ring Thickness - Tolerance

N/A ± 0.002 in

Ring Weight Per 1000 Pcs.

N/A 4.9 lb

Clearance Diameter Compressed in Housing - L1

N/A .91 in

Clearance Diameter Released in Groove - L2

N/A .98 in

Thrust LD. Sqr. Corner Abutment - Ring Safety Factor of 4

N/A 4720 lb

Thrust LD. Sqr. Corner Abutment - Groove Safety Factor of 2

N/A 1600 lb

Maximum Section (Including Lug) - S max

N/A .126 in

Maximum Section (Including Lug) - Tolerance

N/A ±.006 in

Minimum Section - S min

N/A .060 in

Minimum Section - Tolerance

N/A ± .006 in

Hole Diameter - R

N/A .050 in

Hole Diameter - Tolerance

N/A +.010 to -.002 in

Gap Width Ring in Groove - G Min

N/A .26 in

Allowable Corner Radii & Chamfers - R max

N/A .071 in

Allowable Corner Radii & Chamfers - Ch max

N/A .045 in

Max. Load with R max or Ch max

N/A 1800 lb

Edge Margin - Y

N/A .111 in


N/A Beryllium Copper (Alloy 25) Carbon Steel (SAE1060-1090) Stainless Steel (PH15-7 MO) Stainless Steel (Type 420)


N/A Bright Zinc (ZF) Heavy Phosphate & Oil (HPD) Phosphate (PA) Phosphate& Oil (PD) Trivalent Coating (Z3X) Zinc Dichromate Lacquer (ZDL) Zinc Plating (ZD)


N/A 5008-0118


N/A 4000-0118


N/A N1308-0118


N/A 16627-0118

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