Perhaps the most popular and widely used radial retaining ring is the "E" (so named because it is shaped like the letter "E".) Three prongs make contact with the bottom of the groove and provide a shoulder for effective retention of assemblies.

Size Range: .040 in - 1.375 in
Unit of Measure

Shaft Diameter - Ds

N/A 0.188 in4.8 mm DMR_E-Image-01.jpg

Shaft Diameter - Ds 

N/A 3/16 in

Groove Diameter - Dg

N/A .147 in

Groove Diameter - Tolerance

N/A +.002 to -.000 in

F.I.M. - Full Indicator Movement

N/A 0.002 in

Groove Width - W

N/A .029 in

Groove Width - Tolerance

N/A +.003 to -.000 in

Groove Depth - d

N/A .020 in

Ring Free Diameter - Df

N/A .145 in

Ring Free Diameter - Tolerance

N/A +.001 to -.003 in

Ring Thickness - T

N/A 0.025 in

Ring Thickness - Tolerance

N/A ± 0.002 in

Ring Weight Per 1000 Pcs.

N/A .29 lb

Clearance Diameter Free Outside -G Ref.

N/A .335 in

Clearance Diameter Installed in Groove - L2

N/A .35 in

Thrust LD. Sqr. Corner Abutment - Ring Safety Factor of 3 - Ring

N/A 193 lb

Thrust LD. Sqr. Corner Abutment - Groove Safety Factor of 2 - Nut

N/A 90 lb

Allowable Corner Radii & Chamfers - R max

N/A .060 in

Allowable Corner Radii & Chamfers - Ch max

N/A .045 in

Max. Load with R max or Ch max

N/A 190 lb

Edge Margin - Y

N/A .040 in

R.P.M. Limits - Standard Material

N/A 30000 rpm


N/A Beryllium Copper (Alloy 25) Carbon Steel (SAE1060-1090) Stainless Steel (PH15-7 MO) Stainless Steel (Type 420)


N/A Bright Zinc (ZF) Heavy Phosphate & Oil (HPD) Phosphate (PA) Phosphate& Oil (PD) Trivalent Coating (Z3X) Zinc Dichromate Lacquer (ZDL) Zinc Plating (ZD)


N/A 5133-0018


N/A 1000-0018


N/A N1500-0018


N/A 16633-0018

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