The RG makes indentations on either side of the groove once installed which significantly increases its holding power. It can also be installed directly against the face of the retained part. virtually eliminating end play. Automated installation using a Rock Kick Jr. pneumatic installation tool. (Note; this product works only on "soft" shafts.)

Size Range: .092 in - .379 in
Unit of Measure

Shaft Diameter - Ds

N/A .310 to .316 in7.9 mm

Shaft Diameter - Ds 

N/A 5/16 in

Ring Free Diameter - Df

N/A .298 in

Ring Free Diameter - Tolerance

N/A +.003 to -.005 in

Ring Thickness - T

N/A 0.042 in

Ring Thickness - Tolerance

N/A ± 0.002 in

Ring Notch Diameter - R Ref.

N/A .052 in

Maximum Section - S Ref.

N/A 0.114 mm

Ring Weight Per 1000 Pcs.

N/A 1.1 lb

Clearance Installed on Shaft - L2

N/A .66 in

Thrust LD. Sqr. Corner Abutment Allowable Load

N/A 32 lb

R.P.M. Limits - Standard Material

N/A 80000 rpm


N/A Beryllium Copper (Alloy 25) Carbon Steel (SAE1060-1090) Stainless Steel (PH15-7 MO) Stainless Steel (Type 420)


N/A Bright Zinc (ZF) Heavy Phosphate & Oil (HPD) Phosphate (PA) Phosphate& Oil (PD) Trivalent Coating (Z3X) Zinc Dichromate Lacquer (ZDL) Zinc Plating (ZD)


N/A 5135-0031

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