Off road and earth moving equipment must endure extreme service conditions that would quickly destroy common elastomeric lip seals. The drive components on such machines require stronger seal performance to keep out dirt, water, rock and mud while maintaining positive lubrication retention. The classic dual metal face mechanical seal design in conjunction with unique DMR™ materials offers a versatile solution in such conditions for any type of equipment that must endure wet and abrasive conditions.

The DMR™ Type W Mechanical Seal consists of two identical steel rings and rubber belleville washers. The seal operates by preloading the two rubber washers and floating the two polished steel faces between them within the seal chamber. The advantage of this design is uniform loading throughout the seal’s life, elimination of springs that can be jammed by contaminants and zero wear on expensive shaft or housing components.

The super tough materials that make the DMR™ Type W Mechanical Seal are selected for their corrosion and abrasive resistance and can be used in any low speed application that must endure such extreme conditions.
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