Length = 0.125 to 32.000 in
Shaft Diameter = 0.1236 to 6.9954 in

The TH Dryslide bushing is a self-lubricated dry sliding bearings. A composite structure, TH cylindrical bushing consists of a Zinc/Tin low carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze, PTFE based sliding lining. These are the wrapped cylindrical bushings (DIN 1494). From a technical point of view, the product is already widely known and new applications are constantly being identified to take advantage of the high load capacity, the self-lubricated feature and the excellent ratio between cost and performance of the whole range.
Unit of Measure

Diameter - D1

N/A 0.1875 in TH_dim.JPG

Diameter - D2

N/A 0.2500 in

Length - L

N/A 0.1875 in

Shaft Diameter - d

N/A 0.1858 in0.1865 in

Housing Bore - Dg

N/A 0.2497 in0.2503 in

Installed ID - D1E

N/A 0.1867 in0.1893 in

Chamfer - f1

N/A 0.0078 to 0.0314 in

Chamfer - f2

N/A 0.0039 to 0.0157 in

Max. Load Static

N/A 250 N/mm²36.000 psi

Max. Load Very Slow Speeds

N/A 140 N/mm²20.000 psi

Max. Load Rotating/Oscillating

N/A 60 N/mm²8.400 psi

Max. PV Dry Running Short term Operation

N/A 3.6 N/mm² x m/s102.000 psi-fpm

Max. PV Dry Running Continuous Operation

N/A 1.8 N/mm² x m/s51.000 psi-fpm

Temperature Range

N/A -195 to +280 ºC-319 to +536 ºF

Max. Speed Dry Running

N/A 2 m/s400 fpm

Max. Speed Hydrodynamic Operation

N/A > 2 m/s> 400 fpm

Thermal Conductivity

N/A 42 W(m x K)-1302 BTU/(hr)(ft²)(ºF/in)

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

N/A 11*10-6*K-1

Coefficient of Friction

N/A 0.03 to 0.20


N/A 03DU03


N/A PAPZ 0303 P10

SKF Glycodur

N/A 03PGZ03

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