Length = 0.375 to 3.000 in
Shaft Diameter = 0.499 to 3.000 in

The THX trademark denotes a range of sliding cylindrical bushings produced from a material with a composite structure. The backing consists of carbon steel onto which a porous layer of bronze is sintered and then impregnated with a co-acetal plastic. The polymeric surface has indentations in which the lubricating grease lies and protects the mating surface. The main products in the THX range are the cylindrical bushings (DIN 1494), as well as special parts made to customer specifications.
Unit of Measure

Diameter - D1

N/A 1.6250 in THX_dim.jpg

Diameter - D6

N/A 0.3125 in

Length - L

N/A 1.5000 in

Shaft Diameter - d

N/A 1.6234 in1.6250 in

Housing Bore - Dg

N/A 1.7910 in1.7920 in

Installed ID - D1E

N/A 1.6262 in1.6300 in

Chamfer - f1

N/A 0.0314 to 0.0629 in

Chamfer - f2

N/A 0.0039 to 0.0275 in

Max. Load Static

N/A 250 N/mm²36.000 psi

Max. Load Capacity

N/A 140 N/mm²20.000 psi

Max. PV

N/A 3.0 N/mm² x m/s85.000 psi-fpm

Temperature Range

N/A -40 to +130 ºC-40 to +260 ºF

Max. Speed Greased

N/A 0.5 m/s100 fpm

Max. Speed Oiled

N/A 2.5 m/s500 fpm

Coefficient of Friction

N/A 0.05 to 0.20


N/A 26DXR24

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