THX Thrust Washers
Width = 0.0625 & 0.0895 in
Inside Diameter = 0.625 to 2.250 in
Outside Diameter = 1.125 to 3.250 in

The TW trademark denotes a range of thrust washers produced from a material with a composite structure. The backing consists of carbon steel onto which a porous layer of bronze is sintered and then impregnated with a co-acetal plastic. The polymeric surface has indentations in which the lubricating grease lies and protects the mating surface.
Unit of Measure

Diameter - D4

N/A 0.7500 in

Diameter - D5

N/A 1.1250 in

Width - S

N/A 0.0625 in0.0660 in

Dowel Hole - J

N/A 0.9950 in1.0050 in

Diameter - A

N/A 0.0990 in0.1090 in

Max. Load Static

N/A 250 N/mm²36.000 psi

Max. Load Capacity

N/A 140 N/mm²20.000 psi

Max. PV

N/A 3.0 N/mm² x m/s85.000 psi-fpm

Temperature Range

N/A -40 to +130 ºC-40 to +260 ºF

Max. Speed Greased

N/A 0.5 m/s100 fpm

Max. Speed Oiled

N/A 2.5 m/s500 fpm

Coefficient of Friction

N/A 0.05 to 0.20



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