Ultrabake™ Flanged Plugs -


Ultrabake™ Flanged Plugs are designed to mask plain and threaded holes; they will mask off the hole and the first thread of a threaded hole.

How the product is used
Flanged plugs are applied by being pushed into the hole until the flange rests up against the first thread of the threaded hole or the lead in chamfer of the hole. The plug is best inserted by using a rounded end rod or dowel to push the plug into the hole. The sides of the plug are parallel. The domed end helps to start the plug in the hole.

Recommended for
Powder coating, E-coating, Plating, Anodizing, Spray painting Temperature Range
Maximum temperature 600 ºF (315 ºC) Design Features

  • Dual purpose - The plug can be used as a cap on longer studs
  • Flanged - The flanged area masks off the first thread of a threaded hole
  • Removal - If the plug is used as a cap on longer studs, the flanged diameter can help an operator grip the cap when removing it
  • Handle - The handle area above the flanged diameter helps with removal
  • Sizes - This series offers sizes specifically designed for metric threaded holes
  • Visible - The handle area above the flanged diameter makes the plug easier to see on the component
  • Reusable - The plugs are reusable depending on the application
  • Color coded - The Plugs are color coded to ease identification and sorting
  • Identification - The Shercon name is on the plug
Storage conditions
Items should be stored in dry conditions at an ambient temperature of between 55 ºF (13 ºC) and 85 ºF (30 ºC). It is important to rotate stock and use the product in the order that it is received.
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Daemar P/N







Packaging -Bag

SFP-SH-M10 N/A 0.343 in8.71 mm N/A 0.579 in14.71 mm N/A 0.276 in7.01 mm N/A 1.850 in46.99 mm N/A 0.512 in13.00 mm N/A PINK N/A 250
SFP-SH-M12 N/A 0.421 in10.69 mm N/A 0.622 in15.80 mm N/A 0.315 in8.00 mm N/A 2.008 in51.00 mm N/A 0.551 in14.00 mm N/A CLEAR N/A 250
SFP-SH-M14 N/A 0.539 in13.69 mm N/A 0.709 in18.01 mm N/A 0.417 in10.59 mm N/A 2.52 in64.01 mm N/A 0.591 in15.01 mm N/A GREY N/A 250
SFP-SH-M8 N/A 0.291 in7.39 mm N/A 0.472 in11.99 mm N/A 0.177 in4.50 mm N/A 1.654 in42.01 mm N/A 0.472 in11.99 mm N/A Yellow N/A 250
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