Often Tubing needs a plug that can be easily installed and removed on a regular basis. Traditional glides and tube plugs were designed to be installed and left permanently. Their rigid design made removal very difficult. Our vinyl glides are injection molded to produce the intricate detail and design typcial tube glides provide, but with a flexible design allowing quick and easy installation and removal without the use of tools. For finishing applications, we can imprint company names, logos, or even instructions. For more information on our vinyl glides,contact customer services at 1-888-CAPLUGS Material: Vinyl Color: Black
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Daemar P/N



Gag (Wall Thickness_


Packaging - Carton

Packaging - Mini Pak

RERV-50x100mm 6-12 N/A 2.000 in N/A 4.00 in N/A 6 – 12 Ga. (.194 – .105) in N/A .65 in16.510 mm N/A 200 N/A 40
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