Light-Duty Sleeve-Web provides light-duty protection. Ideal for irregular-shaped parts,it stretches easily to twice its diameter, while its elastic properties allow it to pull tightly around smaller sections. Provides inexpensive, attractive, easily applied wrapping for long, narrow items such as wires,glass rods, tubing and rolled papper. Web thickness is approximately .060"(1.52mm) Materila: Low-Density Polyethylene Color: See Chart
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Daemar P/N

To Fit O.D.

Colour Code

Standard Coil - Size

Mini Coil - Size

SW-075-22 N/A 3/4 to 2 in19.05-50.80 mm N/A Yellow N/A 1500 Feet460 Meters N/A 300 Feet90 Meters
SW-125-22 N/A 1-1/4 to 3 in31.75-76.20 mm N/A Blue N/A 1000 Feet300 Meters N/A 200 Feet60 Meters
SW-200-22 N/A 2 to 4 in50.80-101.60 mm N/A Red N/A 800 Feet240 Meters N/A 160 Feet50 Meters
SW-400-22 N/A 4 to 8 in101.60-203.21 mm N/A Blue N/A 600 Feet180 Meters N/A 120 Feet35 Meters
SW-600-22 N/A 6 to 12 in152.40-304.80 mm N/A Natural N/A 200 Feet60 Meters N/A 40 Feet12.2 Meters
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