Hollow Washer Plugs -

Ultrabake™ Hollow Washer Plugs are designed to mask plain and threaded holes; they will mask off the hole and leave a circular grounding or earthing area around the hole.

How the product is used
The hole can be a blind hole or a through hole.

The plug is tapered and is applied by being pushed into the hole and then a rounded end rod or dowel can be pushed into the plug until the larger diameter rests against the face of the area to be masked. For a hole in sheet metal the plug can be pulled into the hole.

Recommended for
Powder coating, E-coating, Plating, Anodizing, Spray painting Temperature Range
Maximum temperature 600 ºF (315 ºC) Design Features

  • Tapered - The plug is tapered for easy insertion and removal
  • Hollow - The plugs are hollow making them lighter and more conforming
  • Labor saving - The washer design eliminates the need for two-stage masking
  • Reusable - The plugs are reusable depending on the application
  • Color coded - The Plugs are color coded to ease identification and sorting
  • Identification - The Shercon name is on the plug
Storage conditions
Items should be stored in dry conditions at an ambient temperature of between 55 ºF (13 ºC) and 85 ºF (30 ºC). It is important to rotate stock and use the product in the order that it is received.
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Daemar P/N






Packaging -Bag

HWP-SH-0330 N/A 0.492 in12.50 mm N/A 0.248 in6.30 mm N/A 0.906 in23.01 mm N/A 0.13 in3.30 mm N/A CLEAR N/A 200
HWP-SH-0450 N/A 0.63 in16.00 mm N/A 0.335 in8.51 mm N/A 0.984 in24.99 mm N/A 0.177 in4.50 mm N/A Black N/A 200
HWP-SH-0500 N/A 0.65 in16.51 mm N/A .394 in10.01 mm N/A 1.102 in27.99 mm N/A 0.197 in5.00 mm N/A Yellow N/A 200
HWP-SH-0800 N/A 0.748 in19.00 mm N/A 0.551 in14.00 mm N/A 1.417 in35.99 mm N/A 0.315 in8.00 mm N/A DARK BLUE N/A 200
HWP-SH-1150 N/A 0.984 in24.99 mm N/A 0.689 in17.50 mm N/A 1.496 in38.00 mm N/A 0.453 in11.51 mm N/A Purple N/A 200
HWP-SH-1350 N/A 1.102 in27.99 mm N/A 0.768 in19.51 mm N/A 2.008 in51.00 mm N/A 0.531 in13.49 mm N/A Rusty Red N/A 100
HWP-SH-1480 N/A 1.000 in25.40 mm N/A 0.819 in20.80 mm N/A 1.929 in49.00 mm N/A 0.583 in14.81 mm N/A GREY N/A 100
HWP-SH-1600 N/A 1.220 in30.99 mm N/A 0.866 in22.00 mm N/A 2.087 in53.01 mm N/A 0.630 in16.00 mm N/A CLEAR N/A 100
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