Our Ultrabake Silicone Flanged Pull Plugs (UFPP-SH series) have a tapered design and hollow core to mask plain and threaded holes; they will mask off the hole and the first thread of a threaded hole. Recommended for powder coating, e-coating, plating & anodizing.

  • Recommended temperatures up to 600 ºF (315 ºC)
  • Two stage - The large and small diameters help with insertion
  • Hollow to allow liquid to pass through & and makes it lighter and more conforming
  • Reusable

Material: Silicone
Standard Color: Various (color-coded for sizing)
Optional Colors: Clear; White

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Packaging -Bag

HFPP-SH-M6 N/A Blue N/A .197 in5.00 mm N/A .267 in6.78 mm N/A 0.930 in23.62 mm N/A .175 in4.45 mm N/A 2.051 in52.10 mm N/A 1000
HFPP-SH-M10 N/A Rusty Red N/A .335 in8.51 mm N/A .44 in11.18 mm N/A 1.000 in25.4 mm N/A .280 in7.11 mm N/A 2.484 in63.10 mm N/A 500
HFPP-SH-M12 N/A Green N/A .417 in10.59 mm N/A .512 in13.00 mm N/A 1.125 in28.58 mm N/A .330 in8.38 mm N/A 3.016 in76.60 mm N/A 250
HFPP-SH-M20 N/A Yellow N/A .675 in17.15 mm N/A .800 in20.32 mm N/A 1.250 in31.75 mm N/A .510 in12.95 mm N/A 3.370 in85.60 mm N/A 140
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