Retaining ring dispensers feature “rail” over which a stack of retaining rings can be

slipped. Once in position, they can be “dispensed” one at a time using a retaining

ring applicator for ease of installation. Two such models are available to meet you

particular dispensing needs:

SD ~ Spring Rail (SD) dispensers are competitively priced and offer significant

improvements (like more rail capacity and durable construction) on existing designs.

D ~ The Heavy Duty (D) is a more permanent version which features replaceable parts and

can be permanently affixed to your work station.


•             Sturdy, Industrial-Quality Construction.

•             Fast, Easy Loading.

•             Accept Tape-Stacked Rings.

•             Precise, Single Ring Ejection.

•             Longer Rail For More Capacity.

•             Part and Tool Number Stamped on Dispenser for Fast, Easy

Identification of Tool and Corresponding Ring.

•             Powder Metal Coating for a Durable, No-Rust Finish (Spring

Rail Dispenser, Only.)

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Daemar P/N

Ring Size

Dispenser Style

Rotor Clip P/N

D-503 N/A DC-0005 N/A Heavy Duty Disp. N/A D-503
D-757 N/A DC-0007 N/A Heavy Duty Disp. N/A D-757
D-506 N/A DC-0008 N/A Heavy Duty Disp. N/A D-506
D-608 N/A DC-0011 N/A Heavy Duty Disp. N/A D-608
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